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Compliance issues

How can we guarantee travelers the compliance of their accommodation?


Airbnb is a service that lets property owners rent out their spaces to travelers looking for a place to stay. Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere.


Owners are free to post their properties themselves. Sometimes what they say about their accommodation is very different from what guest expects. Our goal is to minimize the difference between expectation and reality

Design Process

The solution part

For this project, we stepped directly into the solution part.

✏️ In this case study, there will be more focus on ideation (my favorite part) than on other projects.


Mind map

We started with a mind map around our problem.

We thought about what were subjective and objective compliance problems.

We looked at how things are in real life, that’s how the idea of a checklist started to grow in our heads.

We also thought about all the technologies that could help us, like using video and having a  dashboard.

Crazy 8

We then had a crazy 8 session, here are the ideas I had :

1. Possibility to filter thought the comments by traveler type
2. The story functionality, allowing users to see more actual and real videos of the place.
3. A quiz to identify which traveler the user is, so we can make them go to the places that suit them better.
4. Airbnb goes in person to check the accommodation
5. A sticker that says that this is an official Airbnb picture
6. A check-in functionality
7. Video call between owner and traveler – as an option that would be activated or not by the owner.
8. An automatic photo check of all pictures that an owner uploads.

Crazy 8 – Remix

Right after that, we made a remix :

1. A photo check that includes the date, geolocalisation, and photo retouching
2. A check-in that offers to make a quick video of the place and/or to check a quick list of selected things.
3. A video call option but should we make it optional ? or just for newbies?
4. A graph that shows the owner’s grade. If it goes underneath a certain grade, Airbnb does something.
5. A user guide to changing the accommodation, according to the grades.
6. A compliance sticker or badge.


The selected ideas

-> The selected idea




To tackle compliance issues coming from photos, wish allows users to upload their own photos of their products for future buyer to see. With certiphoto users can get a digital proof that a picture is real.

Google Analytics

We looked at how to represent a dashboard with important data.


We had a look at how reviews were displayed.


We looked at houses inventory as they list everything there is on the accommodation.


For the new pages


Our first version


Like the superhost option that allows the user to know that an accommodation is great.

The owner dashboard

Where reviews are visible and guides to help the owner improve their accommodation.

The guides

For each category there’s a guide with different lists and informations.

User tests



The guest side

-> Is the Homecheck status usefull ?
-> Do they see it ?


The host side.

-> Do they go to their dashboard ?
-> Do they find the guides ?
-> Do they think it is usefull?

5 users

💻 Video Call
⏲️ 30 min. each




Real estate Agent







The task :

1. Guest side : Choose a place for your next holidays
2. Host Side : You want to upgrade your accommodation’s grade, what do you do ?

Tips : Or just use the arrows at the bottom < >


What came out


They don’t see the homecheck status

The first things their interested in are the pictures, the review and the location.

They would look at it if they were more advanced in their decision.


Explanations on how to get the status are too complicated

They found it too hard too read because there is too much text.


Usefull but hidden

The navigation was clear enought to take them to the guides.

4/5 didn’t find the guides


What we think we should do now

Change Homecheck

A new name and a new location.

It will be name « logement conforme » (means compliant accommodation) in order to make more obvious. It will also be a label that you check once you’re on the profile page and not a badge that competes with « Superhost ».

Diagnostic page

Move the guides

The guides will be placed in a diagnostic page where the user can also see all the different labels and quickly look at how how to obtain them.


Here are the changes we made.

Next Steps

We could do more than this

Improve the guides

We could dig some more and see exactly what kind of information users need and how to make it easier for them to use.

Thank you for reading !

with Anaïs Philocles
& Anthony De Clunder
@The Design Crew