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About me


Product Designer

with 4 years experience working in the digital field.

Details, if you’re curious

Illustrated experience



Product Bootcamp

March – May 2022

During my Product Design Bootcamp I have worked on 4 projects, with reals problems learning all steps of the double diamond.

week 6 & 7

week 4 & 5

week 2 & 3

week 1


Feb. 2020 – Now (ending it ATM)

Website from scratch


Branding + website


As a freelance I was mainly creating visual identities (+motion sometimes) and websites for small business owners.

Visual & Motion Design

Dec. 2017- Janv. 2019

@L’école Multimédia I was abble to develop my artistic side on motion design projects.

@ChaïChaïFilm I worked on digital projects were I was in charge of art direction and motion design










































@Believe, I learned how to maintain and develop a design system at its early stage, I created branding assets and I started to develop motion skills while creating and maintaining websites with wordpress.

Work Experience

My experience as a UI/brand Designer @Believe

Website + art direction


@L’école Multimédia I was abble to start getting my hands and UI & UX projects, while still exploring my brutalist style.

Multimedia Assistant





Multimedia Assistant

I learned digital basic skills : filming and editing for a web project, create and maintain a wordpress website.

Stuff from when I was doing art

@Beaux-art de Paris

Here I learned all visual arts, both traditionnal and digital. I learned how to develop ideas, formulate problems and ideate. I focused mainly on expressionnist art.

What I do in my free time

Punk girlband

Art direction + Motion + Singing

When I have time I sing, write the lyrics and make some weird creation around it. It’s always rock something music.