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I’m a product designer,


I like to alternate between bold crazy ideas and organized, very down to earth methods.

I have a passion for all forms of creation and a keen interest in art and psychology.

I have attended The Design Crew’s Product Design bootcamp and I’ve been working in the digital field for 4 years.



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Product Design

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What they Say


A real pleasure to work with Sophie. She was very attentive and responsive to needs.

Beyond her technicality, she was able to bring a strategic look to the production, particularly on storytelling and the key elements of the value proposition.

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Risvan Asif

CEO, Linapp

Sophie is great, hire her !

-> See the website

Devin Gray


She is professional, competent, creative and human. she doesn't just do her job, she really takes ownership of the subject, she is proactive and reactive in the exchanges.

Sophie has simply managed to achieve exactly what I had in mind, I would even say better than I imagined.

-> See the project

Lovanirina Fanambinasoa

Surprise planner, Camélova

Sophie Cappelaere accompanied me with great professionalism, pedagogy and artistic sense.

I felt welcomed, in a space of trust and non-judgment.

I highly recommend her Branding Workshop to all people who would like to create the personalized and authentic visual identity of their product.

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Nicole Hermann

Holistic Coach

The branding workshop goes well beyond the creation of the logo, well beyond the graphics, it is an in-depth reflection on the business plan and the communication strategy.

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Dimitri Guilhamet

Freelance, Fluide Marketing

At the launch of my project, her advice helped me a lot to clarify my need.

The deliverables are still very useful to me and allow me to be autonomous in my product presentations.

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Alexia Even

Creator, Un Cadre Simple

Endowed with a great creativity which allows her to propose several artistic tracks, Sophie knows how to adapt to the expectations of her clients. She is very attentive to their requests.

She is committed to offering original content and demonstrates an ability to advise that allows her to support clients in their thinking.

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Sarah Ripoche

Digital communication consultant, La Grande Ourse

Sophie has a great ability to listen, to adapt to specific needs.

Professional and endowed with a high quality of relationship, Sophie advises and guides you throughout the project.

I am very satisfied with this collaboration and I highly recommend this excellent graphic designer who is competent in multiple fields and, moreover, very friendly.

-> See the project

Diego Navarro Balaguer

GDPR consultant, Deonto